I am experienced in planning and delivering bespoke training to meet the specific needs and requirements of a variety of Parent/Carer Groups –  including foster/adoptive parents, voluntary organisations  & charities, parent & toddler groups, and local support groups for parents of children with specific needs.

Bespoke Training is designed specifically for your group and needs.

The following topics are often requested. These are not exclusive, so please do contact me to discuss your needs further:

  • Talking To My Baby – early interactions as a stepping stone to words
  • Tips for Talking to Toddlers
  • When to Be Concerned About a Child’s Development
  • How Much should He Be Saying? – what to expect at each milestone of your child’s development
  • Supporting My Child’s Speech Sound Development
  • Speech sounds and literacy development
  • Phonological awareness skills
  • Stammering – key advice for parents/carers

Please contact me for a no obligation chat regarding your training needs. Call 07814 616 380